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Horseback Riding Lessons are given to all levels of riders. Whether you hope to just simply take lessons or if you are a horse show enthusiast, our riding program will fit your needs. We proudly offer quality, top of the line lesson horses. You will learn about the safety, comfort and challenges involved in this sport. The Equine industry will instill self-confidence, responsibility and courage to all.


Available as private, semi-private or as 1/2 hour lessons. Students are instructed in all phases of horse care, grooming, saddling and riding. Lessons are available for Western Riding, English Riding and Jumping. Indoor and Outdoor arenas are available.


Available to students only. Horses may be rented for practice riding, one hour in length. Students are urged to take advantage of this inexpensive opportunity to gain extra riding time. Practice riding allows the rider to review their lessons, improve their riding skills and physical condition.

Prices: For prices, call us at 716-735-7988 or send us an email.


Students are invited to spend time at the Training Center learning the "REAL WORLD" of horses. Students are paid not by money, but in education, growth and maturity. Parents are asked to inquire if interested in learning more about this opportunity.


Lesson cancellations must be made at least two hours in advance or a one-hour lesson fee will be charged.

Lessons may be paid at each lesson or at the beginning of the month. Lessons will not be billed. If you are overdue in lesson fees, you will not be permitted to take a lesson until payment is made in full. Checks should be made payable to: Amy Hanssen Training Center, Inc.

Any student that misses two consecutive lessons without calling will lose their weekly time slot. Please know you will have to call to reschedule when ready to return.

For safety and insurance reasons, no one will be allowed in any of the rings to watch a lesson while a lesson is in progress. Parents and family members must go to the lounge to watch lessons or to designated areas when riding lesson is held outside. Observers will not be allowed in alleyway, arena or by gates.

Appropriate Attire
We are recommending that each student has their own approved helmet for both safety and sanitary reasons. A proper fitting helmet is important! See Amy or Virginia for information on purchasing helmets. Anyone inside the barns must wear appropriate sport attire. All employees, riders, siblings, and parents should have safe footgear. Flip-flops and sandals should not be anywhere near any animals or in barns. Shirts must be long enough to tuck into pants with a belt for all riders and employees. Pants should be long enough to cover ankles to prevent saddle sores. No one is allowed to ride in shorts or sneakers. Hair pulled back to ride!

Heated Rooms are provided for your comfort.
Please shut the bathroom & lounge doors completely when exiting. (The bathroom door has been left open several times causing the pipes to freeze.)

For your safety as well as the horses, please do not feed treats to any horses except your own. You may feed them carrots or an occasional apple, both of which must be cut up. Large carrots or apples of any size should never be fed whole.

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