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WNYQHCI Awards (Main Club):

  • You must own or lease a registered quarter horse, and be a member of the WNYQHCI.
  • You have to place in the division 4 times throughout the year.
  • You must attend and sign in at least 4 monthly club meetings. (Main club meetings.)
  • You must have the show secretary sign the open show results form after each show and send all forms to the club point keeper by Oct. 20th along with a copy of the horse's papers.
  • Any one receiving an AQHA (quarter horse show) year end award will not be eligible to receive an open show award.
  • Awards are given at the annual awards banquet in January.

WNYQHYCI - Youth Club:

  • You must be a member of the club, and participate in two fundraisers.
  • Attend and sign in at 4 monthly Youth club meetings.
  • Compete with a registered Quarter horse and have paper work signed and turned in by June 1 st, 2007.
  • Awards given at year end party.

The Youth club meetings and the Main club meetings are on the same night. The youth club meets 1 hour before the main club meeting. (7:00 p.m.) Meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of each month, with the exceptions of a few "sign ins" in June through August. You will receive a monthly newsletter to keep you updated.

Please see Amy & Virginia to help guide you through the year. Also don't forget that the youth Advisors are right here at the barn. Between all of us we can help get you through the whole show season.

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